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We strive to be transparent with all our charges and can provide you with an estimate for your vessel and the services you require. Click here to access our complete section of rates including haul-out, and the work yard. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or come see us in person with your boat.

Lions Gate Marine Centre is proud to offer you a host of top-quality trades on-site as well as connections to great service providers around the city who can work on-site. These companies can provide you with an accurate picture of what they can do for you and how much it will cost. All trades are vetted and meet our WCB and Insurance requirements, as well as our very high standards.

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  1. We require proof of insurance on all vessels and trailers on-site before:
    • you can haul-out your boat
    • you start any work on your boat
  2. A credit card is also required when booking haul-outs.
  3. Those working on-site must have valid WCB and liability insurance. Our work yard rules must be strictly adhered to.
Yes. To ensure everyone’s safety, we have strict rules that must be followed within our work yard. Those working on-site must also have valid WCB and liability insurance.
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Yes we can. There are a variety of things you must do to ensure your vessel is seaworthy. You can do it yourself at Lions Gate Marine Centre or enlist the help of any one of our service providers who will be happy to serve you.

Here’s a list to help you get started:

  • De-winterize your engine. Charge your batteries and remove any antifreeze from your holding tanks. If your oil and oil filters were not changed before winter, now is the time. Run the engine and perform a thorough engine test. Many mechanics on-site provide thorough spring servicing for all types of engines. This is the best way to start the season safely with peace of mind.
  • Inspect your canvas and vinyl. Check your bimini top, seats, covers, and other vinyl and canvas items for tears, mildew, and dirt. Repair tears and holes, and then clean with the proper cleaner for canvas and vinyl.
  • Inspect and clean the hull. Carefully inspect the hull for blisters or other chips and cracks, as well as for chalky residue. If you find blisters, it may indicate a larger issue. For blister, chip, and crack repairs, please consult a professional. If the boat’s hull is chalky, it could indicate oxidation. This can be reversed with proper detailing techniques to restore the boat to its original luster. Apply a fresh coat of wax and, throughout the summer, follow a cleaning and waxing regimen to keep oxidation at bay.
  • Inspect the bottom. Bottom paint loses its anti-fouling properties after different lengths of time. Look at the date of your last paint job and check the paint manufacturer’s specs to confirm you’re good for the season. If the boat is in the water and shows signs of growth, it may be time to pressure wash and reapply the paint. Some bottom paints expire completely when out of the water for multiple months. It is also good to check for any flaking of paint or blisters in the hull.
  • Inspect the windshield wipers. Inspect and replace windshield wipers if necessary. If the wipers are in good condition, apply a rubber lubricant to protect them from the harsh marine environment. Some experts recommend stowing wipers until you need them to keep them in good condition longer.
  • Polish metal and teak. Known as brightwork, metal and teak enhance the look of your boat. Prolonged neglect of metal and teak can result in pitting and eventually compromise the integrity of the materials and their intended use. To protect the metal, use metal polisher. For teak, it is usually recommended that you sand it and then apply stain and varnish.
  • Test and replace all electronics. Bring all the electronics back on board and do a thorough test to be sure they are working properly. Test the radio, GPS, compass, depth finder, and any other marine electronics.
  • Clean the interior. Whether you have an open deck or cabin with full galley, clean the area thoroughly to remove dirt and debris. Bring any cushions and carpeting that were removed for winter back onboard.

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