THE Sea-Lift

Designed for Safety, Precision, and Support.

The Safest Way to Lift Your Boat

At Lions Gate Marine Centre, we can easily transport your boat from the water to the work yard with a helping hand from our Sea-Lift. Our unique hydraulic Sea-Lift is the most versatile machine of its type in the world, capable of lifting 45 ton yachts up to 60 feet in length with ease. The Sea-Lift can safely carry most hull types including catamarans, displacement, flat, sailboats and planing.

The Sea-Lift

Our Sea-Lift uses hydraulics to lift boats incredibly accurately and gently, transporting them on pressurized air bunks instead of slings. The air bunks conform to the hull, supporting the weight of the boat evenly.


The lift is capable of raising boats up to 11 feet (3.3 meters) above the ground to accommodate most power and sailboat keel types. This also allows for quick and easy surveys, as well as pressure washing, and under-hull work. Boats can also be blocked at different heights to facilitate specific repair jobs.

As the bunks of our Sea-Lift run the length of the hull for maximum support, there are some vessels with fin stabilizers, underwater fixtures, or multi-hulls, that we cannot accommodate.

Lions Gate Marine Centre also has a fleet of trailers available to haul boats from 15′-29′ to and from our work yards.

Your Hub for Boating Services in Vancouver's Harbour

Conveniently located on the water in North Vancouver, Lions Gate Marine Centre is the only facility offering a wide range of boating amenities onsite with direct access to Vancouver’s Harbour. We take care of your boating needs with convenient and easy site access and on-site services by the best quality trades.

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