Question Answer
What are your hours of operation? Our operation hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. If you have been issued a gate code, you have access to your boat from 5:00am to 11:00pm daily.
Are you open during the weekends? No, we are closed on weekends. We only operate during regular business weekdays, but our clients have access to their boat 7 days a week.
How will I be able to access the boat on the weekends or after hours? Clients can request gate codes granting access daily from 5:00AM to 11:00PM to service vessels outside regular hours including weekends. Contact our office during weekday hours to arrange an after-hours entry code for looking after your boat outside our normal 8AM-5PM operations. Monitored security codes allow complete off-hour accessibility.
Can I drop my boat off at the dock the night before if I have an early morning lift? Yes, please reach out to our office at 604-985-5468 or via email at info@lionsgatemarinecentre.com to request a gate code.
Is your ramp open for Public use? No – Our ramp is private – You can use the ramp but there will be a $100 commercial ramp fee. Our boat ramp is private property restricted only to our client usage and contracted services.
What is the maximum size of boat you can lift? 65 feet length Our sea lift can accommodate vessels up to 65 feet in overall length, depending on beam and weight. Please inquire for specifications if your boat exceeds this size.
What is the maximum weight you can lift? 60,000 pounds. Our equipment lift capacity is rated for up to 99,208 pounds gross weight 45MT currently. Contact our service team to verify capacity for larger vessels.
Do you lift Catarmaran’s? Unfortunately our Sea lift was not engineered for safely managing catamaran hulls. We apologize that we are unable to accommodate catamaran haul outs or launches.
How long does a lift take? Standard lift duration ranges from 1-2 hours depending on vessel size and complexity. Smaller boats may take as little as an hour while larger yachts can occasionally extend slightly beyond 2 hours. Safety is always our top priority during proper, quality-controlled lifting procedures. Please contact the office at 604-985-5468 or via email at info@lionsgatemarinecentre.com regarding your specific model for projected time estimates.
Do I have to be there while the boat is being blocked? A skipper is necessary to navigate your boat onto our lifting device, but your presence is not required during the blocking process.
Can I show up right at my scheduled lift time, or do I have to be early? To ensure your vessel is prepared, kindly arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled lift or launch time.
How much is a pressure wash? Pressure wash pricing is $3.60 per foot for regular growth, $4.65 per foot for heavy growth.
Do you offer pressure washing? Yes, we have professional-grade pressure washing available as an optional service following haul outs. Vessel washing is not automatically included but can be scheduled prior to the haul-out. Pressure washing is done only by our crew, in the specific pressure washing area.
If I bring my own pressure washer can i do it myself? We appreciate you offering your own pressure washing equipment, however our standard protocol is for yard crew members to complete hull washing procedures according to environmental regulations using our professional-grade machines.
Is there access to power and water? Yes, we provide convenient 30/50/100 amp electrical and water access throughout our facility to enable all standard boat maintenance and repair work.
What is the latest time to lift a boat? To ensure adequate time for safe, controlled procedures, the latest we commence standard vessel lift operations is approximately 3:00 PM during the Winter. Please contact the office at 604-985-5468 or via email at info@lionsgatemarinecentre.com you have any questions about booking times.
What is the latest time you can launch a boat? Standard launch times end at 4PM, or 3:30PM for larger vessels during Winter hours. Please check our website lionsgatemarinecentre.com for current hours.
Can we sleep on the boat? Unfortunately, Port restrictions prohibit overnight stays on our premises.
Can I wash my boat in its work yard spot? Unfortunately boat washing is only permitted in our designated wash area. If your vessel requires additional cleaning after being moved into the yard, we will have to relocate it to the wash zone to complete the work.
Can i sand my boat in my work yard space? Yes, but you have to bubble up the boat with poly before starting. Light sanding is permitted as long as the vessel is completely enclosed in poly sheeting to capture debris before work begins. Please check with the office at 604-985-5468 or via email at info@lionsgatemarinecentre.com prior to starting any dust-producing work.
How much is it to stay at your dock? Our daily dock rate is $2 per foot per day. Please contact the office at 604-985-5468 or via email at info@lionsgatemarinecentre.com to book a slip.
What type of work can I do on your dock? No work is permitted on our dock Working on our dock is strictly prohibited.
Do you have any under cover work yard spots? Yes, limited covered yard spots are available at premium daily rates. Advance scheduling with our office is required to coordinate access based on current availability and vessel dimensions. Please contact the office at 604-985-5468 or via email at info@lionsgatemarinecentre.com to book a covered work yard slip.
What is the height of your covered area? The maximum height that we can keep in our cover area is 31 foot high.
Are there different yard rates for Winter and Summer? (Off Season Rates) No, our rates stay the same throughout the year Please check our website at lionsgatemarinecentre.com or call the office at 604-985-5468 for any specials.
Do you have pump out station on site? No, we do not have a pump out station. There are other marine centres locally that offer these services.
Do you take a security deposit before booking the lift? Yes, refundable security deposits ranging from $100-$900 based on vessel length are required when reserving lifts per signed service agreements. Qualifying deposits are fully refundable with sufficient cancellation notice as stipulated.
How much notice will i have to give before cancel/reschedule the lift? To avoid forfeiture of your deposit, we require 48-hour advance notice to cancel or reschedule a lift or launch.
If I don’t show up for the lift will i be refunded? If you do not arrive as scheduled for a lift, launch or other scheduled work, your full deposit will be forfeited.
If the weather is too bad to bring the boat will we be refunded? In the event we must cancel your scheduled work due to unsafe weather conditions or other issues beyond your control, you will receive a full refund. We will work with you to reschedule once conditions improve.
What types of payment do you accept? We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, certified cheques, debit, and cash. Unfortunately, we do not accept e-transfers or wire transfers at this time.
Do you accept E Transfer? Unfortunately, we do not accept email money transfers at this time.
Can I pay my invoice online? Online payment services are not currently available through our system. Payment options include in-person at the office or via phone.
Do you have anywhere on site where I can dispose of my garbage? Yes, we have a dedicated waste area for disposal of general refuse, wood, metal, cardboard, oil and other common boatyard items for registered boat yard customers only. Please ensure all waste is properly sorted. Hazardous materials disposal may incur additional charges. Disposal is monitor carefully by staff.
Can i haul-out my boat on its trailer? Yes, but you will be charged a commercial ramp fee of $100. It’s our policy that all haul-outs must be done on Marine Centre equipment.
Can i bring the boat on my trailer to the marina? We Yes, you may bring your boat to our facility by trailer. We can launch via ramp or lift and block as needed once here. Applicable ramp fees will apply. Please check in at the office upon arrival.
How long in advance should we book a lift? To ensure proper scheduling based on tides and equipment availability, we recommend booking haul outs and launches at least 2 weeks to 1 month in advance. Please inquire about current openings.
Can you launch the boat with out me being there? Yes, for your convenience we can launch unmanned vessels and secure them safely to our docks upon request. Standard launch fees apply. In these cases, we need a waiver to be signed and we will not accept any liability.
Do tides affect the booking? We schedule haul outs and launches based on tidal conditions, which primarily impact larger vessels or those with deep keels. This will be taken into consideration when booking your lift or launch.
Is there anything I have to sign before completing the lift?  Yes, a digital liability waiver will be emailed when reserving lifts. Complete the e-documents at least 48 hours prior so we can finalize preparations. Notify us immediately with any waiver questions.
Do you sell poly on site? Yes, we have polyethylene sheeting available for purchase onsite which is required for certain work such as sanding or painting. Please check with the office about containment requirements before starting any dust-producing tasks.
Can we use your forklift? Forklift rental is available for $100 per hour. Our onsite staff will operate the machinery to assist with lifts or placements as needed.
Do you have any trades on site? We have a number of marine service providers and contractors who frequently work onsite and specialize in various aspects of boat repair and refitting. Please visit our website at https://lionsgatemarinecentre.com/services/partners/ for more information on our service partners.
Can I leave my car in your parking lot while the boat launches? Yes, we allow vehicles to remain in our designated parking area for a few hours to accommodate movement of vessels to and from slips upon launching. Please check in at the office to make arrangements.
Do you have a car parking area? We have a small parking lot available primarily for our long term tenants. If you require parking while accessing your vessel, please check at the front office to ensure availability and receive a parking pass.
Do you have bathroom facilities? Yes, we have 24 hour bathrooms for male and female customers. For your convenience, we have bathroom facilities available for men and women. Please report any issues to the front office.
Do you have showers on site? Unfortunately, we currently do not offer shower facilities onsite. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Will there be anyone in the yard in case we need some help? Yes, our onsite yard crew is available, please call the office at 604-985-5468 for assistance.
I am an old storage customer, do i get any discounts on my lifts? We do not offer discounts to our returning storage customers. However, we do have year round specials on our website at lionsgatemarinecentre.com.
Do yacht club members get any discounted prices? We happily provide a 10% discount on lift/launch charges, pressure washing or blocking to current members of local yacht clubs and sailing associations. Please confirm membership at booking.
Am I allowed to hire an off site trade to work on my boat?  Yes, you are permitted to engage off-site trades. They will need to submit a copy of their WCB and insurance to the Marine Centre office.
Do you provide ladders/ extension cords/ hoses etc.? Yes, we maintain common boating equipment like ladders and extension cords for basic customer use but operate on a first-come, first-served basis as demand often outstrips inventory. Please bring your own hoses as we do not supply them.
Do you lift wooden boats? Unfortunately, we do not lift wooden boats for liability reasons.
What time do you close/lock the gates if we are running late? The gates at our site close at 5:00 pm, however, you will be issued a code that will grant you access until 11:00 pm
Do you have extended hours in the peak summer boating season? As of now, our hours of operation are the same all throughout the year. Please check back during the Spring and Summer months by either phoning us at 604-985-5468 or emailing us at info@lionsgatemarinecentre.com.
If a client needs 24/7 access to their boat for an extended period of time, is there an option for arrangements beyond the standard issued gate code? Could approvals be made for rare overnight stays on certain vessels in between work days while major maintenance is ongoing? No, unfortunately 24 hour access is prohibited for security reasons. Please contact the office at 604-985-5468 or via email at info@lionsgatemarinecentre.com.
For early morning haul-outs, what is the latest at night we can arrive and tie up at the courtesy dock? Is overnight dockage permitted prior to scheduled lift appointment start times? Boats arriving the night before their lift must book with the office to get a security code for the gates which will close at 11 pm.
Are there any other boat launching facilities in North Vancouver? Unfortunately, we are not able to confirm any other boat launching facilities in North Vancouver.
What is the maximum beam and weight? The maximum beam we can lift is 22 feet, and the maximum weight is 99,208 pounds or 45 MT.
How long does a launch take? Depending on the size, weather and ramp conditions, it generally takes around 30 minutes.
What if I have specific requests for how my boat is blocked? If you have specific requests for blocking your boat, we require that you present during the blocking process.
What happens if I am late? In the event that you are unable to arrive on time for your scheduled lift, we may need to reschedule it for a later time or date, depending on our daily schedule. Please call the office at 604-985-5468 or via email at info@lionsgatemarinecentre.com if you have any questions regarding late arrivals.
Do you offer any package discounts bundling pressure washing with additional services? For example, could pricing be adjusted if scheduling a wash in tandem with a recently completed hull paint job or routine mechanical inspection? No, we do not offer package discounts on pressure washing. Please check our website at lionsgatemarinecentre.com, or call the office at 604-985-5468 or via email at info@lionsgatemarinecentre.com for any current specials.
Does the pressure washing service also include thorough cleaning of decks and hull above the waterline? Or is it strictly limited to the hull and running gear? We offer top-side pressure washing for an additional $3.60/foot. Please contact the office at 604-985-5468 or via email at info@lionsgatemarinecentre.com to schedule.
I noticed the posted pressure washing prices reflect LOA rates. Do vessels with wider beams that require extra time get charged higher rates accordingly? Or is length the only measurement factoring into quoted pricing? All pressure wash pricing is based on the length of your vessel.
For power access, do you provide adapter cables? No, we recommend bringing any adaptors or extension leads you may need.
For haul-outs finishing later than expected or interrupted by unexpected delays, what is the policy? Unfortunately, we do not have an operator after 5:00 pm. The boat would have to be rescheduled for the following morning.
If a same-day haul out and launch is scheduled to maximize boat access, does the vessel get priority? No, our system works on a time schedule, the order is determined by the time that the owner/trade has booked.
For extended restoration projects lasting multiple weeks, are there any designated exceptions made for liveaboard work crew granted insurance approvals? Or are overnight stays always strictly forbidden regardless of project scope or supervision? Customers are forbidden to stay on their boats as it is against the company policy.
If my boat leaks or causes stains, will I be charged cleanup fees? Yes, if the work yard site is left in a untidy manner you may be charged a clean up fee.
What supplies do you provide for vessel containment during sanding etc? We provide poly which we lay on the ground before blocking. Poly can also be purchased for wrapping the boat to prevent the dust from sanding spreading to other boats at the Marine Centre office. Please review our yard rules and regulations on our website at lionsgatemarinecentre.com.
Are there weekly/monthly rates for dock rental? No, our dock rates are charged per day. Our dock is not for long term moorage, as it is primarily a holding dock.
I just need to do a quick job before heading out, is that allowed?
The dock is a holding dock only. If you require more work to be done on your vessel, please contact the office at 604-985-5468 or via email at info@lionsgatemarinecentre.com to schedule a lift.
While seasonal rates may not fluctuate, does the boatyard offer any discounts? Please check our website at lionsgatemarinecentre.com or call the office at 604-985-5468 for any specials.
If a scheduled lift or launch ends up getting delayed due to unexpected mechanical issues with your equipment, does the security deposit still get reimbursed in a timely manner? If there is a unforeseen issue we have the option to either refund or carry the deposit onto the rescheduled lift.
If a delay arises near the cancel deadline, can an exception be made? Exceptions can be made depending on the reason of late arrival, but it is your responsibility to contact the office at 604-985-5468 or via email at info@lionsgatemarinecentre.com.
Will you call us before assuming forfeiture if we haven’t shown up? Yes, we call incase of a delay, however, if the delay is too large we will have to move onto the next lift on the schedule which will result in the deposit being forfeited.
Do you provide any assistance relocating vessels when weather changes quickly? We can re-block vessels into our covered area depending on availability. Covered work yard rates apply.
Do you accept payment plans for larger projects? All charges have to be paid before the launch or on the last business day of the month, whichever comes first.
Do crew members get dockage/parking discounts if owner pays slip fees? We are a transitional dock only. We do not offer long term dock slips.
With electronic payments being so convenient and secure these days, are there any plans to integrate some type of online customer portal for paying invoices digitally in the near future? Unfortunately, we do not have any plans to accept online payment at this time.
Where is the designated sorting area for recyclables vs general refuse disposal? Both types of waste are disposed of in our refuse area. The bins have been clearly labeled to indicate what waste goes into which bin. The key is signed out at the office, and we will let you know which items are accepted.
How do I schedule a lift? Please contact the office at 604-985-5468 or via email at info@lionsgatemarinecentre.com to book your lift.
Is mast stepping available for sailboats brought by trailer? No, we do not offer mast stepping as a service.
Does the 2 week advance notice apply year-round or only during peak seasons? We recommend booking 2 weeks in advance all year round to make sure that you get the date and time you want.
Where on the dock will the boat be tied up? The boat will be tied up on the Marine Centre staging area (marked in red) and must depart that day. If a longer stay is required, please contact the office at in these case we need a waiver to be signed and we will not accept any liability.
How do tidal delays impact cost/timing of lifts? We book around the tides meaning that they should not pose an issue for lifts and launches.
If there are changes to my booking, do I have to sign a new waiver? Yes, a new waiver must be signed with the revised information.
Does poly come included or carry an extra fee? We provide poly but it will be a extra fee, the cost will depend on how much poly is needed.
Do you offer extended forklift rentals at a discounted daily rate? No, we have a fixed $100 per hour price.
Is the parking area secured or should valuables be removed from vehicles? Our parking area is secure but we also recommend not to leave any valuables laying in the car.
If unauthorized cars are parked, do they risk towing fees? Yes, we have designated spots for our tenants if you are parked in their spot they can have you towed.
Where are the bathrooms located? Both the men’s and women’s washroom’s are located around the Marine Centre office.
How late at night is the yard crew on site until typically? Our yard crew is available during operation hours which are 8:00am to 5:00pm weekdays.
Do yacht club discounts apply to repeat seasonal contracts or only new sign-ups? Yes, yacht club member discounts apply all year round.
For independent contractors I source separately, are there any restrictions on work scope they can perform on site if properly insured? For example, could I recruit an outside team for major hot works like welding projects if cleared to do so? Projects of this scope need approval from management.
How do I get a gate code? Please contact the office at 604-985-5468 or via email info@lionsgatemarinecentre.com to receive a gate code. A gate code will only be issued if you have a boat currently in our work yard.
When are the Spring and Summer months? April to September

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